A Page From the Life of an Angel Communicator:

Acknowledging the stiffness in his joints, brought on by the chill air, the homeless Veteran hobbled toward the proffered money from my extended hand in traffic.

His weathered face lit up in shock with the realization that the anticipated one dollar bill was actually a twenty!

So profuse was his gratitude and excitement that spontaneous words of thanks came flowing from mouth. Now, he told me, he could not only purchase a warm sleeping bag to shelter his weary body from the chilly air, but also meet his basic needs for a week.

No matter how difficult your life's journey becomes, there is always and Angel at your side.
No matter how difficult your life’s journey becomes, there is always and Angel at your side.

So why did this particular homeless man cross my path this chilly, Florida day? Why was I led to ignore the one and five dollar bills in my wallet and follow Spirit’s instruction to give him a twenty? Part of it was, simply, to meet the basic needs of a fellow human being. Part of it was a reminder that we often forget others in our haste to do the things which we think will bring us success. It was a reminder that when we consider those who struggle, we become successful in ways that cannot be physically measured.

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