A Preacher’s Guide to Heaven

“Why do people go on and on about being sad on the anniversary of their loved one’s death? They spin themselves into a frenzy by their thoughts focusing on their loved one when actually they are focusing on themselves and their own sorrow. They will say things like, I know my loved one is in a better place, but I am so sad, do they not realize what they are doing?

Of course, it is understandable that they would miss you, but why do they dwell on the “loss” of you for weeks, months or decades? How would you feel if when the anniversary of your incredible “birthday” came around, if people were feeling sorry for themselves, rather than happy for you?

If you had just won an award, or a dream trip around the world and everyone you knew acted depressed and resentful instead of saying, “Congratulations!” you would feel disrespected. You would see how they were being selfish instead of showing you unconditional love.

I know this sounds harsh, but it appears that there are times humans need to be shook up a bit so that they will get the point. Think of Winnie the Pooh for a moment A.A. Milne. Who do you want to be? Eeyore, seeing only the sad in everything and as if the world is out to get him thereby bringing attention to oneself in the negative way. Or be a combination of the wisdom of Owl, the nonchalance of Pooh and the joy of Tigger. We on the other side pick the latter. Your time on this earth in the being that you inhabit is so short a puff of air. Why do you waste it in a place of sadness?

Morgana's Dad at the pulpit.
Morgana’s Dad at the pulpit.

If you want to show respect for your deceased loved ones, then remember them with joy! If it helps you, imagine that they are in the most peaceful, loving place they can be and doing what they enjoy at all times. Don’t deny them this celebration by prolonging the mourning process because of your selfishness. Let them go with love and joy!

When you do this, it raises the energy in Heaven around your loved ones who are perhaps in school and wishing to move up in the levels of Heaven.

Some ways that you can support your loved ones in heaven are to tell fun stories and laugh at all the great memories. Think of all the great things you learned from them and thank them that you got to spend time with them in their previous Earth incarnation.

Don’t worry, in time you will get this. The angels will help you if you remember to ask them. And the bonus to this way of being in joy is that it will be easier for your loved one to connect with you, and you will be given signs of confirmation that they are still around .”

Messages given to Morgana Starr, The Angel Communicator, from her Dad who is on the other side.



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