Addicted to Stress

One of the biggest complaints we have in our society is stress. Not only does it make life unpleasant, but can also cause health issues and problems.

While we are quick to complain about it, for some, stress is an addiction.

It gives them a conversation starter. It excuses them from not measuring up to the standards they wish they could attain.It makes them part of the crowd. I

f you had a choice, would you wish to be part of a large crowd of paupers or a small group of wealthy people? That one is easy, and yet, we deny ourselves the "wealth" of a peaceful, pleasant life.

How do we do this?

First, we keep talking about it. "OMG! I had such a rough day! I will need a glass of wine to relax! I never get to meditate, I have so much work to do!"

Second, we relive it. A moment of stress replayed in our minds can last for hours, days or even weeks. Once it is over, let it go. Why let a single moment ruin your whole day?

Third, we don't take ownership of our lives. Look at your schedule. Can you take five minutes to sit and breathe? Do you really need to worry about something that is in the past or future? Are there things you can eliminate, to simplify your life?

You don't need stress to validate your existence. You do exist! And guess what? You deserve a prosperous and happy life.

Take care of you and you will find that your life will fall into place.

Now.... On your mark!.....Get set!......RELAX!


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