After the Storm

I write this from (now) sunny Florida. It has been quite a week and things are returning to normal here on the Space Coast.

Our love, prayers and support, go out to our brothers and sisters throughout the state who are still without power or have lost their homes.

We are eternally grateful for the power line workers, police officers, firefighters and others who have gone beyond the call of duty to help keep us safe.

In the past week, hard choices had to be made by many. To abandon their homes and head out to an unknown destination, or stay put during the storm? To invest in a generator or spend the money on canned goods and water? To bring pets along hoping that a shelter or hotel will take them?

I have made two very important observations during this storm:

One, that events such as this show us what our priorities are. When faced with a possible life or death situation, the big screen TV, suddenly seems less important.

And two, that times such as these bring out the best in people. From friends opening up their homes and offering shelter to people bringing snacks and water to police officers directing traffic.

Mister Rogers is quoted as saying, that in times of disaster, we should "Look for the helpers."

We have been very blessed in our area, that we never had to look very far. They came out, not in capes and superhero masks, but in hard hats, work gloves and aprons.

Helpers are everywhere, down the street, next door, or in the mirror.

May you be safe and blessed wherever you are and may you always find the "helpers" when you need them.



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