Anael’s Holiday Message of Hope: Part One

2016 was a huge challenge for many, but with that challenge comes an opportunity to heal.

On a year that has been filled with disharmony, conflict and separation, two of the most popular winter holidays, Christmas and Hanukkah begin at the same time.

This happens, roughly, every 15 years, as Hanukkah is scheduled according to a lunar calendar, so the dates change every year.

Archangel Anael sent me the following message for this holiday season:

“Unity is so needed right now. 2016 was a year of hell for most people because they refused to let go of their 3D reality and the energy  of what they used to do and what they are comfortable with.  This Mercury retrograde, this last two weeks of the year and into the next, is giving us the opportunity to release those . The planets have lined up to help us release, so this Mercury Retrograde is not for a negative purpose, it is for a healing purpose.”

Tomorrow: Part two of Anael’s healing message for the Holiday Season.

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