Anael’s Holiday Message-Part two: The Power of the Light

The second part of Anael’s holiday message focuses on the meaning of “light” and how the overlap of the two biggest winter holidays, keeps our focus on the new reality that we are creating with our thoughts, actions and intentions, even though we may come from different backgrounds:

“Lights represent new life and they represent, hope….…..peace……. unconditional love…….. direction for the good of all. This is where the whole system of beliefs are coming together in a unique way this time, in the time of tomorrow in your understanding of the now. We had to do  this as time loops and all time can become as one in that space, but now, now you can see, we had to go in to shape the reality of  the now so that you can see that you are becoming the Kings and Queens of your own reality.  So we did this much in creating the Hanukkah and the Christmas day which celebrates life, new hope and light in the world, so that all will be focused on that light. Now it is your job to create the reality of next year in a way that will shock and amaze the world of the power of the light.”

Light is powerful, it can illuminate, or destroy. If we harness it for the good of all, we can create a world of peace, joy and beauty, beyond our wildest imaginings.

~Archangel Anael


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