Angel Santa Clause

Those of us who experienced Christmas growing up, most likely had the experience of waking up with hope an faith that Santa would look past our small indiscretions and see the goodness in our hearts. Then we just knew that perfect talking doll or bike would be waiting for us in the morning.

At some point, we learn the true nature of Santa Claus and step into that role for our friends and family. We experience another side of the Christmas magic: the joy of watching the excitement of the perfect gift, painstakingly picked out for someone we love, opened on Christmas morning.

Both experiences are amazing, yet as we grow, we forget the first.

The imagination and steadfast belief of a child at Christmastime, is something that we forget as adults. Yet this is exactly the energy needed to manifest all of your dreams.

Imagine yourself sitting on Santa’s lap, with the excitement of a child. Tell him what you want. If it feels silly, good, that’s what childhood is all about. Watch him not his head and assure you that it will be waiting for you on Christmas morning. Giggle with delight as you run back to your parents and tell them what he said.

Now turn and watch him shed his Santa suit for robes and a giant pair of wings.

Yes, it really is just that simple. Happy Holidays!

Becoming Santa Claus is an important life step, and yet, you should never forget the faith of a child, that the perfect present will be there on Christmas morning. If you put this faith and focus into practice, you can manifest anything you desire.

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