Angelic Affirmations

Repeating positive affirmations is a very effective way to retrain you subconscious mind to work with you to achieve your goals rather than against you, sabotaging your progress.

The most powerful affirmations start with the phrase “I am.”

Be very mindful of the words you use to follow this phrase as they may mean the difference between success and failure.

When you say, “I am prosperous, I am healthy, I am joyful,” you invite the universe to bring you more of the things that make you feel this way.

When you say, “I am tired, I am broke or I am angry,” the Universe will bring you more reasons to be tired, broke or angry.

Archangel Anael instructed me to add the words,”…because miracles are attracted to me,” to the end of my affirmations to give them even more power.

Always use affirmations in the present tense and speak with the confidence of already having what you are affirming. And very soon, if you stick with it, you will.

I have used positive affirmations to be successful in my work and I am now the proud owner of The Angels Oasis.

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