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Psychic readings have been a source of divination and consult since ancient cultures to counsel pharaohs, emperors, kings and queens, tribal chiefs, and even popes. Divination and astrology were sought to plant crops, sail the seas, manifest goals, provide protection, fall in love, and align with the yearly cycles in preparation for heavenly events. Astrology is the oldest documented science in the history of the world. Zodiac wheels found in ancient Mesopotamia dating back to 3200 B.C. have been found featuring the 12 astrological signs.

What we recognize now as psychics, mediums, empaths, shamans, and astrologers were all referred to as fortune tellers, mystics, magi, prophets, gypsies, sorcerers, spiritualists and witches. These are the individuals who paved the way for modern astronomy and psychology.

As humans we are naturally curious; designed to acquire information. We are seekers of truth, wanting more information about our own unique nature and what’s to come. In addition to seeking wisdom and spiritual knowledge, we are each on a divine path with not only instinct, but free will. We all derive from a sacred source that connects each of us across the web of all life and begs the question: what is our purpose?

The angels brought the information of how to work with the cycles of the earth and of the stars to humanity. Those who were especially gifted aligned with these energies quicker than others. These were our high priestesses, high priests, and ancient shamans that understood this glorious wisdom and were chosen to share this information with the humans of our planet. Magick has been widespread across humanity since the beginning of time through the communication of angels and spirit guides. As the chosen ones developed and grew their mystical gifts of sublime wisdom, it was then passed from teacher to student through word of mouth to protect these blessed rites.

As psychics, mediums, and empaths we are here to live in service of humanity to teach, providing support and healing for those who seek. In order to serve, support, and heal others, we spend years healing ourselves. It is constant work on our part to look within and be willing to see truth.  We must embrace, heal, release, and live in gratitude for what we learn as we grow. This growth loosens the grip of the ego, as we build stronger bonds to our angels, guides, and to divine source. It is a committed path of personal evolution. Many individuals wonder how spiritually gifted healers and psychics do this work. This is how.

We are bound to a sacred code to care for ourselves, so we can care for others. We work to heal ourselves, so we can heal others. We learn how to interpret magical synchronicities for ourselves, so we can for others. We must be open channels to mystical messages and use that to steer humanity on a course of love, healing, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, and growth. We do this because it is the guided mission of the angels for each, and every one of you.

Written by Angels Oasis Resident Astrologer and Reader Renee Masse

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