Angelic Healing for Anger and Gossip

When we have an issue with another, it is easy to imagine that they are thinking the worst and contemplating our downfall.

This is common when relationships or friendships break up. The reality is, they are usually not thinking about us at all, let alone plotting to do harm.

When we get these thoughts and do not go to the source for information, it is easy to let these feelings fester, causing our anger to grow. Spreading gossip, makes the situation worse, allowing that negative vibration to spread throughout the community.

Like all good friends, Daena and I don’t always agree on all issues. We always talk to each other and work it out. This is the Angelic Way.

However, if the recipient of our anger does not receive it (because they live in a state of peace), that anger will have nowhere to go and falls back on the giver.

You can literally make yourself sick with this angry energy. Don’t make assumptions and don’t take things personally. Don’t let your story become a tragic tale.

Call in your Angels to help you heal from anger before it harms you and those closest to you. Peace on Earth, starts from within.


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