Angelic Healing for Stereotyping and Separation

If you look at a cut diamond from a certain angle, you might see the color red, yet a diamond has many different colors in it and if you put it in a box and say, “This is red, I only like blue diamonds,” you miss the brilliant sapphire hues that sparkle under a different light at a different angle.

I am an Angel Communicator, but my hobby is dressing up in costumes and playing different characters. If you judge me by one character or costume, you don’t get to know who I really am.


You might share a hobby with someone who has different political views. You might share spiritual beliefs with someone of a different race. You might have a common goal with someone who is of a different sexual orientation.

If you take the stereotyping belief and use it to drive a wedge in between you, you not only miss the other facets of them, but you also miss an opportunity to learn about their differences firsthand and not from the fear generated rumors.

Call in your Angels to help you heal the part of yourself that wants to pull away from others. Disconnecting yourself from another based on a generally accepted belief, is like tearing yourself apart. This is not the way of the lightworker.

It is time to come together.


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