Angels, Aliens and Egypt, Oh My: Waking Up

As we grow spiritually and heal our emotional wounds, we start to slowly wake up.

Like a coma patient waking up in a hospital bed, we wonder how we got to this place and what is behind the doors in the room. What would we see through that window?

We are currently in that phase, waking up, curious and full of great questions. We look at things like the Pyramids and the Sphinx of Egypt and wonder how mere mortals could have built them?

Their staying power indicates that they were built with a technology that we do not understand. Did this technology come from alien visitors? Angels? Or were we simply more awake and able to use more of our intelligence in different ways?

The Procession of the Equinoxes has brought us to our awakening point. It is time to stretch and ask ourselves? What is the dream and what is reality?

Perhaps the dream is that we are mundane powerless individuals bumping around on an insignificant rock that is a tiny speck of an insignificant galaxy and our lives were a fortunate accident?

Or maybe there is more behind the doors. Keep asking and keep waking up. Your Angels are thrilled to give you the answers, but first, you must present the questions.

The Ancient Egyptian and Greek civilizations overlapped. Perhaps Goddesses such as Athena and Hera were alien beings or Angels in disguise? Never stop asking questions.

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