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Angels and Fears

Recently, I watched a movie in which each of the main characters were constantly being bombarded with their worst fears because of a choice that they made.

When you decide to make a positive change in your life, you will sometimes be confronted with the things that scare you the most. Spirit does not do this to push you back down, but to make you stronger.

Imagine that you were confronted by a giant, hulking beast ten times your size in a dark alley. You would probably do what most people would do; turn around and run.

Now imagine that that same beast is standing in front of the doorway that leads to all of your most amazing dreams come true. Do you think you could work up the courage to face him or find a strategy to beat him?

Now imagine that you have an army of Angels behind you whispering battle strategies in your ear. Do you still want to run?

Facing your fears not only makes you stronger, but it brings a great freedom into your life. You no longer have to avoid certain things or situations or try to plan around them.

The beast has disappeared into a puff of smoke (as you created him in the first place) and the door is being held wide open by your Angels.

Now go, and work your magic.

Sometimes the thing you fear the most is actually an Angel in disguise.
Sometimes the thing you fear the most is actually an Angel in disguise.

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