Angels and the Healing Process

Healing is an amazing thing, but it can be a challenge and even a battlefield.

It would be wonderful if we could just completely heal ourselves, body, mind and spirit once and forever, but if we did, we would miss the amazing learning and growth that the process brings.

To embark on a healing path, invites the “healing crisis,” where you actually feel a little worse before you get better. Some people stop at the crisis state and don’t push through it. They decide it’s too painful to heal and go back to where they were.

Others lament when the healing process takes days, months and even years of healing and what seems like backsliding into the unhealthy situation.

Your wall of pain took years to grow and you must be patient with yourself and the healing process. If it happened all at once it might be too much to handle. Know that when a healing crisis hits, you are moving forward, and like our frequent Florida thunderstorms, if you wait a short while, it will pass.

Your Angels can help you at any stage of the healing process to make it smoother and easier. Call them when you’re healing, call them when you’re in crisis and call them when the crisis is over to thank them. For even if you forgot to call them, they were there for you.

Sometimes a healing crisis can bring out the beast in you. But don't worry, it means you're moving forward and it will soon pass.
Sometimes a healing crisis can bring out the beast in you. But don’t worry, it means you’re moving forward and it will soon pass.

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