Angels and the Zodiac: What’s Your Sign?

Most people in the Lightworker community, still check their zodiac sign daily and follow the advice presented.

Is this practice still necessary when you have Angels on your side?

Necessary? No. But it can be an amazing tool for spiritual growth, and your Angels are all for that!

Get in touch with your sign. If you are a water sign, go spend some time near a lake, river or the beach. Air signs get out and enjoy a windy day, practice deep breathing or watch a windsock dance. Fire signs can meditate by candle gazing or watching a fire in the fireplace (Safety first, fire signs!). Earth signs can run around barefoot and meditate by sitting on the ground.

Getting in touch with your sign can help you to

Daena and I are both Earth signs which helps us stay grounded when doing spiritual work.

know your strengths and weaknesses and how to become your best self.

The possibilities are endless and your Angels will always give you great ideas to play around with your sign’s energy. Now go and have fun with it!

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