Another New Year's Eve


Today marks the final day of 2017. Whether you had a great one or would rather see it go away, it is time to let go and move on. 

We do this annually and yet we have an opportunity to do it everyday. Every evening we have a chance to release the worries and concerns of the day. To forgive ourselves and others for mistakes made and strive to do better tomorrow.

Each and every day a fresh start. 

If you choose to make a resolution this year, why not make one to get the most out of every day. Not just weekends and special events.

You can only dream about tomorrow, you can "do" today. Not all of the day, but "now," this moment.

You don't need to do everything in one day, but take an action, no matter how small. Move forward, if only one step. 

Be present in this moment. Focus on every task, every interaction, every breath. 

Be grateful for small blessings and bigger ones will follow. 

Next year at this time, see yourself saying, "Wow! That was fun! I can't  wait to see what happens next!"

Happy New Year! May 2018 be your best year ever, with better years to follow!


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