Are You Part of the Problem?

When two people argue, it is easy to see what the other person did wrong. It is much harder to look within and see the part you played in the situation.

It is also much more helpful.

You can choose how much you will allow the behavior of others to affect you, but you can't change their behavior.

You can, however, change your behavior.

Ask yourself, "What did I do that was not loving, kind or helpful?"

However small the behavior change you make, it is powerful. One tiny tweak to your actions and attitude will shift your energy much more than all of the observation of the other person's misbehavior.

Owning your part of the problem shows integrity, courage and humility. You may not change the behavior of the other person, but you can show them by your example, how you (and everyone) deserve to be treated.

Acknowledging that you have a dark side, and learning what it has to teach you, makes your Divine light glow even brighter!

Let it shine!

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