Aries Full Moon

The full moon in September is in fiery, warlike Aries. Some would say the theme of the month is anger.

It would be more accurate to say that it is “passion.”

Passion and anger are relatively the same energy, it is the emotion and attitude that makes the difference.

Like during a Mercury Retrograde, the advice is: Run and hide. That is the old way of thinking.

For true light warriors, (fire warriors?) it is time to go to work. To start, let's go back in time. Before there was anger, there was …........passion, desire, enthusiasm, intense pleasure.

As a child, maybe you were a wild one! You wanted to run everywhere, dance at dawn, jump on the bed, climb every tree and pet anything with fur. And heard that terrible word. The curse that killed your childhood dreams. Those awful two letters: N-O!

Want to climb up the jagged rock? NO! Want to play with the pretty glass? NO! Want to baptize the cat? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Looking back, we can see that these things were for our own good. The restrictions placed upon us kept us safe and helped us to grow. They built our imaginations. We had to build our own fortress with smaller, safer stones. We could draw a picture of the pretty glass. We could baptize our stuffed cat instead of the family pet.

We may later have had restrictions based on our family's values: No swearing, no short skirts, don't play with kids who don't go to our church. Later on, we might decide that these rules aren't in our best interest.

But, we all remember our first experience with “NO.”

It was shocking! Like an energetic (and occasionally literal) slap in the face. The child mind knows only, “I want to...” and doesn't understand about restriction.

Our toddler selves might react with a tantrum or meltdown. And in the old days, so to speak, we were told that our anger was bad. It might have been punished or threatened until it subsided. Those feelings, expressed in the presence of an adult, were just bad. Worse yet, WE were bad.

Anger became suppressed and started to come out at the most inconvenient times.

The adult expression of this anger might be passive aggressiveness or mean-spirited sarcasm, gossip, road rage or bullying.

Sometimes we have a genuine right to be angry. That doesn't mean that justice will necessarily be served. You might not like the way your supervisor runs your department, or feel that your taxes are too high. While there are things you can do in the long run, you have to go to work and pay your taxes.

You can sit in your living room and stew over it, or you can use that energy elsewhere.

What do you really want to do that you are being told, “NO!”

Do you want to go to the beach, but the house needs cleaning? It's okay! Get angry! Take that anger out on the dirt and grime. Rearrange the furniture, add a few beach themed items. Then plan the trip for another day.

Angry at your significant other and just can't put your finger on the real issue? Go for a walk, run or visit the gym. Journal your feelings, splash some paint onto the canvas, dance until the anger subsides.

When you feel better, ask yourself, “Where did this feeling come from?” A childhood restriction? An injustice? A fear? An embarrassing moment?

Think about how much of your energy that anger took. Was it worth it? Did you gain anything from it?

While Mars holds the energy of anger, it is also a planet of action. Here is where the light warrior comes in.

How can I use this anger to accomplish something. How can I transmute the feeling and understand the gift of the lesson being taught.

Full moons bring our issues to the surface, like waves depositing shells upon the beach. You can walk barefoot in the sand and cut yourself on the shell fragments, or you can collect them and keep their beauty in your life forever.

You can scream about jellyfish washing up on the beach on the day you want to visit, or you can take photos or sketch the colorful creatures as they glisten in the sun. It is actually a much worse day for the jellyfish if that puts your whining into perspective.

There is always a way to deal with your anger that is healthier than sitting home pouting or taking it out on an innocent person.

You chose to come here. You chose the lessons you wanted to learn in this lifetime. You also devised a plan on how you would overcome those challenges and succeed. Yes, your soul is that smart and it knows exactly what you need to do. You only need to tune in and ask it.

And this is the time to do just that. Light warrior powers....ACTIVATE!




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