Aries Moon Rising- How to Prepare

So Mercury Retrograde has ended. Time to relax, right? Well, no. Actually, the coming full moon on the 16th will be the acid test of what personal work you have done in the last few months.

Always remember, your time of greatest power is now! We still have a few days left to prepare.

The moon heads toward us now, like a big wave. So the choice is: stand on the beach and let it crash painfully over your head, or grab your board and prepare for the ride of your life.

You can start by looking at your emotions. What has come up that is causing strife in your life? Are you feeling depressed? Angry? Stifled? This is the first place to look. Journal your thoughts, paint them, sing or dance them, get them out so that you can look at them.

Next, look at what others say about you. Not the nice things, but the ones that cause trouble. Are you stubborn and unyielding? volatile? or dramatic? These are the clues to your shadow self that you might be reluctant to look at. Take a look. There are lessons to be learned, but also gifts and beauty in the darkness. Don’t beat yourself up for your flaws. Heal them and move on.

Your Angels are here to help you at this time. They are eagerly waiting to get the word that they can act. Please take them up on it.

Archangel Anael has asked me to offer a special gift to you a this time.

For $25.00 I will channel a personal prayer from your Angel. Click the link to get yours.

I will only be doing a limited number these so sign up for yours today!

Time to drop your excess baggage and fly! Your Angels will not let you fall.

You can be swamped by the power of the ocean, or you can be empowered. Grab your board, surf's up!
You can be swamped by the power of the ocean, or you can be empowered. Grab your board, surf’s up!

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