Asking Better Questions

I  have learned from reading the tarot and oracle cards that the reading is only as good as the questions you ask.

Asking "When will I get money? When will I meet my soulmate? or When will I get my dream job?" will get you answers, but if you want to really get to what you want, learn to ask better questions.

Instead of , "When will I get money?" ask, "What do I need to do/change to improve my cash flow?"

Instead of "When will I meet my soulmate?" ask "What old relationship baggage do I need to release to attract the love I have been seeking?"

Instead of "When will I get my dream job?" ask, "What do I really want in a job and what do I need to do to attract the best employment situation for me?"

Asking, "when" questions can be disempowering. They leave you waiting for something to happen. Asking "what can I do...?" questions gives you a plan of action which will not only get you your desired result more quickly, but will also help you to grow spiritually and figure out not what you think you want, but what your heart and soul truly desire.

So, what kinds of improvements can you make to the questions you are asking your Angels, Spirit or Divine Source? Take action today!

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