Balance as Defense

Many people love to watch and perform the beautiful flowing movements of tai chi.

What most people don't realize is that it is a martial art. It can be hard to imagine how such a graceful, flowing practice can provide protection.

The secret is balance. 

The tai chi master is always balanced. An opponent can push with all their might and not push him over for he will just flow into a different position, remaining in balance. His opponent, depending on his skill level, might be thrown off balance and possibly fall over. 

Cultivating emotional balance can be an important defense against those who would try to take you down by upsetting you. 

Just like a martial art, it is a skill that takes practice.

Start by looking at what triggers you. 

Is a a word, an action, a situation?

Is the person doing it maliciously? Or are you just reacting as if they are?

Start looking at emotional patterns that have repeated in your life. Look at them before they happen. Play with the situation. Imaging your "opponent" as a cartoon character or a cranky child. Allow yourself to laugh or feel compassion.

While the problem may be triggered by the other person, you response is up to you. 

Will you stay in balance? Or be a victim to bullying and teasing. 

Take a breath, find you center and stand strong!



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