Balance of Both Worlds


We have created the illusion of two worlds.

One is our Ideal World. This is where we go when we meditate, visualize our dreams or spend time with those who are of like mind. This is a beautiful place to be and there is great temptation to stay there.

The other is the Real World. Despite its name, it is no more valid that the ideal world and both are interpreted in your brain as the same. In the real world, people argue, you get cut off in traffic, and bad things happen in the country and around the world.

In the past, lightworkers have hidden in the Ideal World. As the  Real World tries to crash through their illusion, they clamp their hands over their ears and stare directly into the light (and we know, post eclipse, what happens when you do that).

In truth, there is only one world. You can spend an amazing weekend at a meditation retreat, but eventually, you must go back to work. You go from a spiritual high, to a devastating low as you feel the work vibration drag you down. You might even fall into despair or depression, turning to food, drink or organized religion as a way to fill the void inside.

In truth, the Real World, gives you a place to apply the skills learned in the Ideal World and to triumph over that which has held you back in the past.

When you learn to bring these two worlds together, not by preaching what you've learned, but by living it, you will create Heaven on Earth and always have enough of everything you desire.

You don't have to leave the light, just let enough darkness in so that you can learn from it and get a true and complete vision of the world. Darkness is about learning, not fear, and each lesson learned brings your "separate" worlds closer together.


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