Before the Dawn….

When darkness comes, there is always a dawn to follow.

You can choose which you want to focus on as they both take up the same amount of your existence.

When you see dark times as punishment and ignore the goodness all around, you can find yourself in a very depressing place.

Do not ignore the darkness, as it serves a purpose and has a lesson to show you, but don’t dwell there. You don’t go to school to spend your life as a student. You learn your lessons, apply them, and work toward mastery.

The Universe brings you every resource your soul needs to grow. Your Angels are here to bring you through each one.

When you realize this, you will find yourself laughing in the rain, because you know a rainbow is on its way!

Looking forward to the Renn faire this weekend. I like to bring out my dark side in my costuming. If fuels my creativity and adds to the fun.

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