Before You Cheer, Did You Clear?

Mercury Retrograde ends this Wednesday. Before you cheer, did you clear?

With each successive retrograde we are propelled forward at tremendous speed. Make your course corrections now or you will end up lost and way off target.

What issues have come up and what have you done to heal and resolve them?

That is the true purpose of this time. It was not designed as a spiritual punishment, but rather a wake up call.

A call to drop your excess baggage whether it be emotional, physical or mental. You can spend this time in victim consciousness or get up and do your work!

You can make excuses, but you will only hurt yourself, by going into the next few months with your issues still clinging to you.

Meditate daily and ask your Angels to send you messages in your dreams at night to show you what needs to be cleared.

Then let it go! You have more important things to do than rehash the past. Like Mercury, it is time to go direct!


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