Being a Warrior of Love

Being a Lightworker means being a Warrior of Love. This is less about fighting then about standing your ground in a loving way.

It is time for Lightworkers on both sides of the political spectrum to become Warriors of Love. Petty bickering is not in the job description. You must do something even harder that watch the negative Facebook posts and argue back. You must love those who post them.

This does not mean abandoning your core values and beliefs, it simply, means loving with ferocity: no matter how much resistance you get, you don’t stop.

Angelic love looks beyond the arguments and battles of humanity and sees the soul within. Those who would hurt you are harboring wounds of their own. Like an animal in pain who lashes out at its rescuer, they scream at you red-faced, attempting to get you to surrender or walk away.

Your job, if you choose to be a Lightworker, is to stay and love them.

As a mother loves a toddler who is having a tantrum, unconditionally. For she knows the anger will pass, and she will have her loving child back again.

You don’t have to agree or want to spend time with those who don’t share your beliefs and you may still support the causes that are dear to your heart. Just love them, as the  Angels love you when you are having an unlovable moment.

Unity is achieved through love, not anger.


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