Changing Times, Changing Actions

I had a great time doing readings this weekend at the Brevard Renaissance Faire.  We met some amazing people and enjoyed the fun, creative atmosphere.

My costume consisted of a lot of heavy armor and although I would have survived  a sword fight, I found that I could not bend down to pick things up. Throughout the day, things would drop or a desperately needed item would be at ground level.  I got used to asking people to hand me things or pick them up.

Finally, at the end of the day, the armor came off and I saw two pieces of paper on the ground at home.  As had been my pattern all day, I asked for assistance in picking them up. My request was answered with a puzzled look.

I realized there was no reason that I could not pick them up myself, as I was no longer burdened by the heavy costume.

It was a great metaphor for the burdens and wounds that we carry from our past. Sometimes when the situation changes, we forget to change our response.

We start a new relationship or meet a new person and react as if we were still in a past abusive situation. The false beliefs about what is happening may cause the relationship to end because you choose to walk away from the “same old stuff” or they choose to leave you because they cannot understand why you act as though you are under attack.

You cannot move forward without releasing what holds you back.

In this moment you have the power to change your life. Will you accept that power, or give it away to past pain and abuse?

Your Angels can help you move on to a better, happier, more prosperous place. You just have to remember that the time is always NOW!

If you didn’t get to see us at the Brevard Renn Faire, come for the next two weekends to join in the fun. And if you see me drop something, please help me pick it up.

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