Chiron Enters Aries: Heal Your Identity Crisis

Wow! It's not even March and what a wild ride 2019 has been. We've endured a powerful New Moon, two Super Full Moons, all planets in direct motion, Mars transitted Aries, on the cusp of Mercury Retrograde, and now Chiron, the wounded healer, will spend seven years in the sign of the "self."

In Greek mythology, Chiron was a powerful, yet gentle, centaur who was both a great teacher and healer to many. The irony in this is that he could not heal himself. Astrologically, Chiron is a distant asteroid in the comos and represented as the "wounded healer." In that is a deep understanding of our profound spiritual wounds, and when we can better understand them, learn how to heal them. These wounds are the deepest for each individual and require the utmost care and gentility. Understanding Chiron can lead to extensive work, as the healing is extremely powerful, but requires great insight and strength to overcome. In our solar system, Chiron sits between Saturn and Uranus, and has an irregular orbit, spending more time in some signs versus others. Aries and Pisces are the more extensive transits, as they require the most extensive work. From February 18, 2019 until June 19, 2026 Chiron resides in the sign of Aries.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and symbolizes the "self." Spring begins on March 20th and the sign of Aries begins the day after; Spring is the initiation of the four seasons and Aries the beginning of the 12 zodiac signs. Aries signifies initiation, drive, action, independence, identity of the self, and even at times, confrontation. With Chiron comfortably settling into this sign for the next seven years, there will be less than comfortable feelings stirring and rising to the surface. There may be conflict, since confronting such deep rooted emotions that are usually supressed will catalyze major emotional and spiritual shifts.

What do you understand of your own existence? What is the difference between who you are and who were you told to be? There are many expectations that we are taught, or programmed to fulfill, and in doing so can sometimes lead to the loss of our sense of "self." The first teachings begin with our parents. We are comprised of two different individuals that created us, and in doing so have an opinion on how we should be and what we should be. Subsequently, friends, politics, religion, employers and co-workers, partners, and even our own children will have a general say in the matter as well. It can be quite difficult to be yourself when there are multiple and separate entities expecting a different version of you to show up. This can ultimately lead to healing crisis, as you struggle to find the identity that is true and begin releasing the false self, or shadow self.

Chiron in Aries is going to provide you with the much needed strength to uncover the essence of your true self. These are the wounds that will help us to heal and to teach others. They inspire growth and self-realization, as the true self begins to emerge like the first sprout of green in the Spring. This is a time of great revelation, that will also coincide with rapid growth, and at times conflict. Keeping a clear mind and staying honest with yourself will support this growth.
The wounded healer is different for each of us. The Chiron sign is important, but the house it is residing in at the time of your birth will help you understand how it will be represented in your life. This is a time for seeking the hidden knowledge that is willing to reveal itself to you on your quest to healing the crisis of the self.

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Written by Angel's Oasis Resident Astrologer - Renee Masse

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