Chiron, Sun, and New Moon in Aries, oh my.

Let's welcome a new cycle of change, because now is the time to take action! There is a lot to examine here, all about the self. Firstly, Chiron (The Wounded Healer) in Aries is providing an opportunity to reveal the hidden truths that are rising to the surface. Pain that has been vaulted for several years is calling to grasp your attention, it is begging for the chance to heal. Many individuals have noticed the discomfort of this process, as Aries is a sign that moves quickly and is all about action. Next, the Sun in Aries amplifies this in our personalities, with a "me first" type attitude. It can be difficult to focus our energy outwards, because a lot of people are finding themselves in identity crisis. Finally, add the New Moon in Aries on April 5, you now have a blank slate to determine just how you will take action.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, initiating a new astrological cycle. It is a fire sign that is the initiator of the zodiac. It signifies independence and new beginnings, with tremendous mental drive, catalyzed with incredible energy. That's what propels Aries. There can be elements of impatience, impulsiveness, and demonstrations of assertion to go after what you want in life.
Many deep seated emotions that have gone on unvalidated are about to receive a good deal of attention. Try not to avoid this chance. Those who choose to ignore these feelings may be prolonging a healing process that will result in possible setbacks, delaying spiritual and personal growth. Try to take a closer look at what is calling your attention.

With this particular transit we are going to channel forward moving energy! We've had the last few weeks to experience Mercury Retrograde, and that is not a bad thing. It provides needed introspection on deep level of subconscious that can help reveal what needs attention in your life, and as we align ourselves with Chiron in Aries, this is happening more naturally.

Ask yourself these few questions. What patterns of behavior need closer examination? Who are the people in your life that are lifting you up, and who are dragging you down? Are you showing up the way you want? What is your 'why' in this chapter of your life? Because Mercury is based on the mental and psychological part of ourselves, it is a powerful precurser to things to come by taking action through powerful Aries.

Written by Resident Astrologer Renee Masse

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