Christmas Past Lives

We use the past as a predictor of what will happen in the future. While this is helpful in remembering that when you touch a hot stove you get burned, the predictions are not always helpful and sometimes they create fears which hold you back.

It is usually pretty clear how current life, past events have shaped who you are, but sometimes, our fears seem irrational due to lingering past life memories.

Looking at your past lives can help you understand these fears and work through them so you can create the present life of your dreams.

The Angels, like the ghosts in the Christmas Carol story can act as “tour guides” who can bring up the lives which are interfering with your present and help you resolve your issues for good.

If you would like to schedule a past life reading/clearing go to and click the “Past Life Clearings” link.

May you and yours have a joyous and peaceful Holiday!

Dressing in costume can be a fun way to explore a past life, but past lives can cause pain and irrational fear as well. When you clear and heal those fears, you will soar through this life on Angel wings.

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