Crystal Grids to Protect Your Space

Yes, it sounds a little crazy. How on earth can you protect your home with crystals that come from the ground? The answer may be simpler than you think. The Earth's grids are set up on a natural, rotating pattern. When we can learn to utilize those patterns, we can harness more of the Earth's energy and bring it into our home.

As you can see by today's society, many humans are disconnected from the Earth. We are consistently as a whole, making virtual reality more real than Mother Nature. And because of this, the electrification of the planet has continued to increase drastically and will continue.

So where do crystals come in? How can they help? Did you know there is a crystal that can completely neutralize EMF's (electromagnetic frequencies) within a 50 foot radius? Did you know that same stone can also filter and purify water? Imagine if one stone can affect water and energy in such a powerful, transformative way, what can it do for you and your home?

The science behind the magic of crystals hasn't been fully realized within the human psyche. Though there have been quartz crystals used in technical devices for years!

Many Metaphysical folks have stopped waiting for science to catch up and have started working with the energy of the stones now. There are some tried and true methods of placing stones in your home that have become widely adopted with so many individuals witnessing great results.

I have been working with the energy of crystal grids for over a decade. I have found that some traditional methods of placing grids in one's home or "space" work perfectly, while others are too "cookie cutter" and each individual home needs a slightly different design.

One of my passions is to assist people in feeling safe in their homes knowing that the energies are flowing properly with the help of the crystals. In this time of uncertainty with us spending more time in our homes, we need to be more aware of how the energy is moving and make the proper adjustments for ourselves and our loved ones. I am offering an amazing COVID-19 crystal grid consultation to get you started.

If you want more in depth information about how to build your own crystal grid and how to find the stones that are best for you, you should join my Crystal Grid Home Protection class scheduled on May 9th at 3pm. Click here for that information and to sign up.

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Written by Daena Deva, Co-Owner of Angels Oasis and Awaken Institute

Daena Deva is a long-time student of the spiritual arts and a highly sought-after psychic medium and spiritual counselor. Since childhood, Daena has been listening and learning to understand angels, spirits, and messages that not everyone can perceive.

She has the skills of a psychic, or the ability to experience someone else’s energy field and understand things about them, and the gift mediumship, or the ability to communicate with spirits on the other side, including angels and loved ones who have passed.

Daena has actively rounded out her abilities with a background in yoga and energetic therapy, skills that she enjoys practicing to help bring people physical and spiritual healing.
One of her life’s passions is reconnecting people with their loved ones and using her spiritual gifts to help them process grief.

She has attained Reiki Master Teacher, is a credentialed yoga instructor, holds Swedish and relaxation massage certifications, is a certified medium through the Morris Pratt Institute and is certified though Level 3 with the Melchizedek Method of Healing.

Aside from her spiritual work, Daena is a mother of an intuitive crystal child who is 5 years old daughter and has a baby boy due in June 2020. They reside happily in Rockledge, FL.

As part of her journey, Daena has studied:
Sacred Geometry

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