Love all, Accept All

It has become apparent over the past few months since this crisis has occurred that people have fallen into two different camps: one that is fear-based and the other that is not fear-based. Some are panicking over the media, others are simply trying to live their day-to-day routines with as little difficulty as possible.

What many of us don’t realize is that quarantine or no quarantine, mask or no mask, it is our personal choices that matter. It is not our job to fix everybody. No matter how much we choose to scream, shout, or disagree with each other, if people don’t want to listen they’re not going to listen.

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I’m sure many of us have friends that fall into both camps. And I’m sure we’re wasting some of our time fighting with them. However, when we realize that it becomes our choice to talk to people who are not going to listen. 

It is not our job to get people onto our side. In a way, it’s actually our job to maintain those friendships because I can tell you right now that many people sitting in fear are also throwing away lifelong relationships fighting over things that terrify them.

So what can we do? We can check ourselves when we start playing the blame game. We can’t fix stupid, but we can show love and acceptance no matter what. Don’t waste your energy talking to walls, but if someone wants to know your point of view, sure - go ahead and share that with them. 

But conserve your energy and your time and spend that focused on your own personal growth of shifting your fear-based attitude to a fearless attitude.

When we step into fear, we allow the other side to win. Feel that fear, do it anyway. The definition of courage is the ability to do something that frightens them. It doesn’t mean to not have fear. It means to take that fear and use it to your best advantage.

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Daena Deva is a long-time student of the spiritual arts and a highly sought-after psychic medium and spiritual counselor. Since childhood, Daena has been listening and learning to understand angels, spirits, and messages that not everyone can perceive.

She has the skills of a psychic, or the ability to experience someone else’s energy field and understand things about them, and the gift mediumship, or the ability to communicate with spirits on the other side, including angels and loved ones who have passed.

Daena has actively rounded out her abilities with a background in yoga and energetic therapy, skills that she enjoys practicing to help bring people physical and spiritual healing.

One of her life’s passions is reconnecting people with their loved ones and using her spiritual gifts to help them process grief.

She has attained Reiki Master Teacher, is a credentialed yoga instructor, holds Swedish and relaxation massage certifications, is a certified medium through the Morris Pratt Institute and is certified though Level 3 with the Melchizedek Method of Healing.

Aside from her spiritual work, Daena is a mother of an intuitive crystal child who is 5 years old daughter and has a baby boy due in June 2020. They reside happily in Rockledge, FL.
As part of her journey, Daena has studied:
  • Yoga
  • Mediumship
  • Massage
  • Reiki
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Meditation

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