Are All Angels here to Help?

Understanding how guides work is important in order to not become confused with the messages. The thing about working with two or more different guides, is that they may have differing opinions, all the while both chattering in your ears. 

If you’re feeling kinda crazy or getting conflicting information, you're not alone. This is because even your guides at times won’t always agree on everything.

This is why it’s important to align with your angels specifically. Most importantly this is so you can get at least one bit of information that comes from a pure source.

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For me, because I've worked with Archangel Azrael longer and he’s been with me my whole life, I take his information first.  My other angelic guide is Cahara.  She has lived in the shadows for a very long time and she’s very powerful. However, she's also very wounded and she’s mad (upset) with how humans were left behind in their development.

She feels that most angels kind of gave up on the human race. She was the first geneticist and is very upset with our current genetic structure and in the way these viruses, illnesses, and cancers are affecting humanity.

Humans were supposed to be farther along on the evolutionary scale at this point and she’s mad about that. If we were, we wouldn't have these viral outbreaks. Eventually the anger will transition into fuel to help inspire us to make changes that we need to upgrade.

Now her message is to focus on the internal work while we wait. We are to focus on our own development and the function of our chakras. Our own third eye and our own emotional well-being, or not well-being; wherever we are on that level.

And it’s okay whatever level we are - no one’s ahead, no one’s behind. I know many of us think it’s annoying, because we’ve been doing this work for centuries. We have been upset about what other people are doing.

But many of these souls aren’t awakened yet, not in their connection with their own soul - there’s no enlightenment journey for them. For the rest of us who are aware we are lightworkers, we know for certain we have had to travel to other dimensions just to build up our energy. We receive that energy from other dimensions, because it’s not pretty here. We are not happy here in this reality.

So what we have to continuously focus on doing is being here in this reality. We must focus on being present in this density, which can be so heavy. We do that by channeling in all of that light and awareness from other realms and allowing it to enter our bodies.

People do not realize the angels are divided on so many different things. Some are fighting by tampering with genetic structure to make humans into mindless zombies.

The ones we work with are fighting to assist us to begin thinking for ourselves and allowing us to exercise our free will. This is why it’s important to focus on what we can control now, which is our inner journeys. This is because many of these other things going on, are totally out of our control, a recurring theme we’ve been seeing in our clients a lot recently.

So focus on the internal work while we wait for the rest of the world to catch up with what’s within us. Doing that first will save us a lot of time wasting away in a place of fear. 

This is why the course we developed is changing the lives of so many of our clients. The angels have guided us to include powerful tools to clear all the junk in your body so you can be a good vessel. 

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Daena Deva is a long-time student of the spiritual arts and a highly sought-after psychic medium and spiritual counselor. Since childhood, Daena has been listening and learning to understand angels, spirits, and messages that not everyone can perceive.

She has the skills of a psychic, or the ability to experience someone else’s energy field and understand things about them, and the gift mediumship, or the ability to communicate with spirits on the other side, including angels and loved ones who have passed.

Daena has actively rounded out her abilities with a background in yoga and energetic therapy, skills that she enjoys practicing to help bring people physical and spiritual healing.

One of her life’s passions is reconnecting people with their loved ones and using her spiritual gifts to help them process grief.

She has attained Reiki Master Teacher, is a credentialed yoga instructor, holds Swedish and relaxation massage certifications, is a certified medium through the Morris Pratt Institute and is certified though Level 3 with the Melchizedek Method of Healing.

Aside from her spiritual work, Daena is a mother of an intuitive crystal child who is 5 years old daughter and has a baby boy due in June 2020. They reside happily in Rockledge, FL.
As part of her journey, Daena has studied:
  • Yoga
  • Mediumship
  • Massage
  • Reiki
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Meditation


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