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Double Full Moon Cycle in Fair Libra

On March 20, 2019 we experienced a Full moon in Libra (0 degrees), just as the Sun entered the sign of Aries. This year we have the pleasure of experiencing yet another Full Moon in Libra (29 degrees) on Friday, April 19th. On Saturday, April 20th, the Sun will exit the first sign of the zodiac and enter earthy Taurus. Since the Full Moon has fallen on the cusp of Pisces to Aries, and then from Aries to Taurus this year, that is how the double Full Moon in Libra is possible.

Since last month we have experienced a significant personal shift. We are becoming more aligned with ourselves, as various planetary transits are supporting the initiation of new projects, lifestyle changes, and stronger alignment with our true self. A lot of this support has come from the strong Aries energy coming through, promoting assertion, initiation, and independence.

Aries is a fire sign that represents the self and begins a new zodiac cycle. Libra is the polarity of Aries sitting in opposition (180 degrees) to Aries in the zodiac wheel, and marks the halfway way point of the zodiac cycle. It symbolizes balance, harmony, and partnership. When a Full Moon occurs this means that the Sun is fully illuminating the Moon, but can only do so by being in complete opposition to the sign in which it is representing. Therefore, there will be a polarity aspect that comes into play, based on the two signs traits, and how they work together to assist us in releasing what is no longer needed.

Another very important aspect to consider during this Full Moon is the relationship between the Sun and Uranus. Their positions are very close right now, also known as a "conjunction" aspect. Therefore, if the Sun is in conjunction with Uranus, this places the Libra Full Moon in opposition to Uranus as well. The dynamic in play here will encourage the need for vital change to enhance balance into one's life. Uranus is a planet of originality, changes, and the need for exercising freedom. The strong planetary aspects of the Sun, Moon, and Uranus during this Full Moon promote a push for balancing different areas of your life by breaking routine and making necessary changes. Be the driving force to support the urge to rearrange what is no longer working to bring more harmony and balance to your daily life. This can be balance to a romantic relationship with more personal time and self care, to career and family balance, to being responsible, as well as adventurous.

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Written by Angels Oasis Resident Astrologer Renee Masse

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