Empathic Experiences


Tensions are high in the world today and many people who are empathic are feeling it.

Empaths tend to be the targets of people who need a quick fix of good energy to make themselves feel better.

They can latch on to you and drain your energy like a vampire would if you allow it.

Wanting to help people does not mean allowing them to take advantage of you. Empaths more than ever need strong protection.

As a very strong empath, I found myself being constantly drained and unhealthy.

The Angel I work with, Anael, gave me a powerful tool which transformed my life and I found I was no longer a victim of psychic vampires, or angry, fearful people.

I call it the Pyramid of Protection, and you can find it here: https://morganastarr.com/pages/videos.

For more information on psychic self-defense, join Lauren for our weekly class. This week she will discuss how to protect your energy in these challenging times.

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