Ending? Or New Beginning?

If you have made plans for this weekend, there has been yet another prediction of the end of the world.

While the warning might be well-intended, it has happened before.

Does Y2K ring a bell?

The prediction starts with an eclipse and ends in a fiery collision of planets.

Scientists tell us if such a collision were to occur, we would already be able to see the planet with the naked eye. Otherwise, it would be too far away to make the Saturday deadline.

If all such predictions came true, we would not be here. In fact, mankind would not have had time to invent the computer or cell phone on which you are probably reading this.

While future predictions such as weather forecasts can help in your planning process, creating a future vision of fear can take you out of the present moment and absolve you of responsibility.

Why clean the house if it will be gone? Why pay my bills when I can go out and spend the money doing something fun? Why be kind to others when we will all only be here a couple more days?

Predictions like these take everything out of your control. So, how can you take it back?

Fear and excitement are a similar vibration with a different attitude. Let go of the fear and get excited about the "end" of your "old" life and the beginning of a glorious, new one!

Transform the fearful energy around you into delight as you tie up loose ends and get ready for the day you will always remember as "The Day It All Began!"

Better get to it! Only a couple of days left!





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