February Full Moon: A Triple Blessing

The February full moon is almost here.

The incoming energy is positive, but as with all full moons, we must release the negative energy that we have been carrying to capitalize on it.

Eclipses bring forth the shadow self, which appears as a nemesis, but shows us what needs to be healed in our lives. Greet it like a black cat in the night, kneeling down to welcome it so that you can take a good look at what needs to be tended to.

Adding to this energy is a comet. Historically, comets have preceded, the death and birth of royalty and are famous for showing up before times of great disaster.

Comets come from the outer reaches of the Universe. A mysterious place that we seldom explore. As they approach the sun, they release  frozen energy to create a beautiful tail.

When we bring up our “frozen” hidden emotions to be released, we can create beauty in our lives. We have the potential to fear them and create disaster, or welcome the  release and create joy.

This blue/green comet highlights the throat and heart chakras. The energies released,, can create healing communications with our higher selves and with others.

A lunar eclipse brings forth the shadow self so that you can see what needs to be healed. Do not fear this energy, but embrace it, transform it and find peace.

Ask your Angels to help you tap into this triple blessing energy to become your best self and be the light that needs to shine in the darkness.


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