Filling the Gap With Angelic Love

Like our country at the moment, there are gaps among Lightworkers that divide us.

There are those who want to rage and scream at the newly elected administration, and those who voted for it. We are further divided into those who would turn away from the chaos and say, “Nothing to see here!” and those who want to heal every tiny bit of it.

We can heal nothing if we do not look at the wound. If we don’t look, how will we know what to do? This doesn’t mean feeling the pain. As I tell my students, “Sense it don’t feel it.”

The most unkind and hateful acting people are the ones who usually need healing and prayers the most. Their wounds are the deepest. They hurt so bad they resist the healing and attack those who want to help them. Like a wounded animal, they lash out, thinking that anyone who comes close will hurt them more.

Daena and I don’t always agree on everything, but we allow our differences to complement each other rather than tearing us apart. By doing this, we have strengthened the power of our Angelic Mission and brought it to a higher place.

You do not have to succumb to attack as a healer if someone in pain doesn’t want to get better. You love them anyway.

Loving them without limits lifts you higher. From that higher vibration you can help many more people, including the ones who have initially refused your help.

Vote in every election you can. Support causes that are dear to your heart. Stand up for what you believe in instead of bashing the other side. It is unlikely that you will convince them of anything, so why waste that precious healing energy?

Live on this Earth, but do not succumb to its lower energies. Call upon your Angels when you feel troubled. They will lift you up into a higher vibration where you can do so much good.

Please. The world needs your light.


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