Forewarned is a Blessing

When you go in to get a psychic reading, you always hope to hear the best of news.

We'd all like to hear that we have a large sum of money coming, that the love of our lives is just around the corner, or that we are in the best of health.

We dread phrases like, "It's not a good time for..., You might want to prepare for...., or Maybe it's time to cut down on the sweets."

These are the readings, that can be most helpful, though. 

If you are wearing a $1000 dress, wouldn't you like to be warned about the muddy street up ahead? What if you got a heads up about the latest bug that's going around and were able to avoid it with a bottle of hand sanitizer and vitamin C? What if you found out that the guy you're interested in is a narcissist who has ruined may women's lives before you agreed to a date?

How many bad situations in your life could you have avoided if you'd had a little forewarning?

This doesn't mean to quit your job or divorce your spouse because a psychic told you so. But you can be on alert. 

Look at the situation you have been warned about and see if there might be some validity to the prediction. It never hurts to look.

If you see possible trouble, be proactive. Be mindful of how you spend money, where you walk at night and to whom you give your attention. 

Don't be a victim to a "negative" reading. Be blessed by the heads up. 

If a troublesome situation is brewing, think of it like a balloon that is going to pop.

You can cover your ears and let it happen, or you can slowly allow the air out so that the explosion is minimized. 

The future is not set in stone, it is there for you to create. There are lessons to be learned, and when we learn those lessons, they turn into resources, education and blessings. 

Be proactive and be blessed. 

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