Full Blood Wolf Moon and Planets in Direct Signals Full Speed Ahead!

With powerful intentions being the objective since the beginning of January, and also that we can rejoice that all planets will be in forward motion until March 5, we have another essential element to examine: the Super Blood Wolf Moon in Leo! This is an exciting and rare astrological event for more than one reason.  The full lunar eclipse will make the moon cast a red glow from the sun, the moon will hang 15% closer to Earth making it look 30% bigger. Examine your goals and things you have learned during the waxing moon from the last two weeks. Shed the dead weight you have been carrying, learn the lessons, and release what is no longer serving. I find this extremely exciting because it signifies the cosmos aren't the only ones in forward motion, but once we embrace "truth" so are we. If you recall, I mentioned in the beginning of the month during the New Moon in Capricorn, that this was an important time for building and growing.

With all planets going in direct motion translates to: pay attention to what is going on around you and feel free to place a heavier foot on the accelerator. Life is filled with many challenges, and some transits can translate to more sensitive issues, however use this time to capitalize on the power of this Super Blood Wolf Moon, and what you truly desire is coming to fruition. This is an essential element for personal growth, and with all planets finally being direct we can implement the necessary changes in different areas. Time to exhale and focus energies toward a bright and purpose driven future.

Written by Renee -- Resident Astrologist of Angels Oasis

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