Full Moon and the President’s Speech

The full moon in Cancer, sheds light on our strong emotions. Emotions that for many are coming to the surface on the heels of the President’s speech.

They see the  darkness in the other side and do not recognize that it is their own darkness that is crying out for attention reflected in those they call “enemy.”

When you are afraid to look at your own darkness, you project and see it outside of yourself. You become the powerless victim, beaten down and controlled by outside forces.

This is a dangerous illusion that keeps us hurt, frightened and paralyzed, reacting to others instead of using our own power to solve problems.

If you want to achieve spiritual mastery you must stare down your darkness and expose it to the light. Seek out the unlearned lessons and the old forgotten wounds and heal them.

When you do this you can walk in balance, no matter how the outside world appears.

Our darkness serves as a hiding place which keeps our wounds from being exposed, and yet to  heal them, they must be uncovered and given fresh air.

A festering wound infects the entire body and threatens to destroy it. So as you project your anger outward, it silently attacks you.

It is time to heal. Use the energy of this moon to witness the emotions that come up to the surface. Learn their lessons and let them go.

To quote an old song, “Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.”

There is no darkness inside of you, no fear  or anger, that your Angels cannot heal. The time for unity in this country and on this planet is now.

Don’t be afraid of your darkness. In your darkness hides your deepest wounds and biggest lessons.


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