Full Moon and Upcoming Mercury Retrograde

We are still in the glow of the final full moon of the year.

This is a great time to release. You can clean out your garage or closets and also do an emotional and spiritual release, perhaps letting go of fear, anger and resentments that have halted your spiritual growth.

It is best to do this now as the final Mercury Retrograde of 2016 is soon to follow on the 19th. If you work on your spiritual issues now, they will not need to come up again during the next three weeks.

Then you can spend the time winding down the year and planning for the next one.

No need for fear. Your Angels have got this covered. Give them permission to do their work and every day will be a new adventure and 2017 will be your best year ever!

When you open your arms to release, you also open them to receive. Your Angels have gifts they are longing to bring to you. Let go and trust.

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