Full Moon in Libra Wants Empowered Balance


On April 7 we will be gazing at the most powerful Super Moon of 2020! It’s proximity to Earth, as the Sun shines its bright light upon it, will make it appear much larger and brighter than usual. This Pink Moon is also in the sign of Libra that symbolizes Partnership, Harmony, Beauty, and Balance.

This is a call to action for all of us, as we all trying to integrate balance and harmony in our lives, in the midst, of the COVID-19 pandemic. This the perfect Full Moon to support us in a great release, or I should say cord cutting. This means that it’s time to take a personal inventory of your own tendencies towards people pleasing and allowing others to overstep boundaries.

This comes at such a perfect time, since most of us are in quarantine. We can take time to evaluate our personal relationships which also affect the relationship we have with ourselves.

When life resumes in the months to come...Which relationships do you feel need to change? How do you envision these changes happening? What do you need to remove to ensure they are effective?

Now, make your list. There are also other planetary patterns that will be directing the energy of April’s Full Moon.

Moon opposite Chiron: The subconscious and emotional energy charged Moon is opposing the Wounded Healer Chiron.

This combination brings in feelings of detachment and avoidance. This is on a mental and emotional level and will require you to acknowledge that whatever you are experiencing is part of your healing process. It will lead to you feeling more empowered in 2-3 days to come.

Mercury sextile Pluto: The intellectual planet of Mercury creates a free-flowing cooperation with Pluto, the planet of transformation. This is great for developing new habits of communication and discovering hidden truths. Empaths and Intuitives will learn to trust their spidey senses more.

Mars square Uranus: The assertive and driven force of Mars holds a challenging relationship with the planet of rebellion, Uranus. This is a potentially hazardous aspect. If individuals become impatient and impulsive, they might make errors in their judgement by breaking their quarantine unnecessarily.

The Full Moon is always capable of catalyzing erratic behaviors, but with this relationship between Mars and Uranus, individuals are more likely to do something they know they shouldn’t. In this case, stick with a great action and adventure flick or psychological thriller.

Mercury sextile Jupiter: Mercury holds another sextile relationship (naughty Mercury), but in this case we will benefit, as it joins forces with the brilliant and fun planet of Jupiter. This widens your horizons in how you think. It will bring great motivation and ambition to the things you are reshaping in your life.

Remember life is a series of perspectives and choices. That being said, if you commit to working with this beautiful combination of planets, the more challenging ones will not have a strong influence over your thoughts and actions.

The Full Moon peaks at 10:35pm EST, be ready for a major shift in consciousness!

Written by Angels Oasis Angelic Astrologer and Reader Renee Masse


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