Full Moon in Pisces

Our big cosmic event of the week is the full moon in Pisces. We understand how the moon brings our emotions and inner longings and issues to the surface, like a powerful high tide, pushing our debris to the shoreline for all to see. How the moon is affected by the sign it passes through is not always so clear.

This moon is illuminating the water sign of Pisces. Pisces is a dreamy, empathic sign. There is a lovely, kind and generous energy in the air. It will be especially felt by those who are clairsentient and feel emotions deeply.

Things that are usually hidden are coming to the surface. Emotions run very high. Psychic and empathic abilities are heightened.

Energetic shielding is extremely important.

Do not leave home without your favorite grounding stones for protection. You will need these both energetically and electromagnetically, as you will be extra sensitive on a physical level as well.

If you relax into the watery energy like a bathtub, you can cleanse and open your energy and heighten your sensitivity. Strive to remain calm and know that the emotional chaos around you is not yours. If you can learn this skill you well be more prepared for new energies coming in for planetary healing.

Take extra time to relax and pamper yourself. If you are an empath, people will naturally flock to you in times of emotional upheaval. You can run from it, or become the eye in the storm. Empathy is not a weakness, it is a gift, but one you must master to reap its benefits.

The full moon in Pisces energy gives us a wonderful opportunity to open up your intuition.

The sign of Pisces, has one foot in this world and the other in the world of Spirit. On the positive side, you may feel very connected to your guides and higher self, you will have compassion in abundance to share with others. Pisces is loaded with empathy.

On the downside, the moon energy will heighten the Pisces empathy. If you are an empath, this might be too much of a good thing. If you do not protect your energy, you have the potential to pick up the emotions of others like a sponge. People with negative energy to release may seek you out. While it is fine to offer counsel, do not allow people do “dump” their anger, frustration and depression on you.

If you notice that they leave the encounter looking lighter and happier, but you now feel terrible, you have been used as an emotional trashcan. Be supportive and compassionate, but do not pick up the “messes” that don't belong to you.

If you find yourself the victim of an emotional “hit and run” don't blame yourself. Compassion and empathy are good things. That is why so many people want to take them from you. Clear your energy often and utilize good self-care. Take bubble baths, get massages, treat yourself to a nice, healthy meal and give yourself a little romance.

And speaking of romance. Mars will be going direct on the 27th. The effect of Mars direct may help to wake up some of those lagging libidos and get you in the mood again. If you don't have a partner, you might wait until Mars is out of shadow before making a commitment. Mars retrograde choices often fail to live up to the hype.

If you are already in a relationship, serious or casual, have fun. You have earned a little pleasure after being dragged backwards through the solar system for the last two months.

The three outer planets are all retrograde as well as transitional Saturn.

Saturn is the control freak of the solar system. As it moves retrograde, we are shown the part that control plays in our lives. Those who thrive on control, may find situations that keep them off balance. Those that shun control might find themselves feeling trapped and wanting to escape from the boundaries that society places upon them.

Our “wake up call” planet, Uranus, in contrast loves to shake things up. As it moves backward, we will be learning about how change affects us and how successfully we handle it. Vigilance and flexibility are the keys to flowing in harmony with Uranus retrograde.

Neptune is the planet of inspiration. Its retrograde motion may make us feel a bit lethargic as our muses may temporarily go into hiding. It is the planet of daydreams and illusions. Reverse gears makes us more alert to reality, which is not necessarily a bad thing with so many other planets misbehaving. Neptune retrogrades usually take up the latter part of the year, so its retrograde is not necessarily news and not something we aren't used to.

Pluto, planet or not, depending on who you ask, is the last of the traditional planets currently in retrograde. Another half-year retrograde, like Neptune, its influence is strongly felt, but familiar. Many people will be born with Pluto in retrograde.

If there was ever a planet that held the energy of the Angel of Death, it is Pluto. Its changes and transitions are fierce and often final. And yet, learning to navigate those changes, is an important life lesson. It brings to light our subconscious fears and if we choose can help us to face and overcome them like the transformational healers we are.

We can look at the last two to three months as a cosmic spanking, punishing us for our supposed sins, or we can see them for the gifts they are (or have been).

Rather than punishment, the Universe has given us a gift of seeing where we have issues or have fallen short on our spiritual mission. It has given us an opportunity to bolster our strengths and work around or even heal our weaknesses. We are not all strong in all areas of life. We are not meant to be. That is why there are so many of us. Our diversity is our strength, unless we run away from it.

Be brave and keep your eyes open. This multi-planet retrograde, for all its stress and emotional upset, gives us a grand and glorious opportunity to grow and quickly. The time has come to put down your lightworker merit badge and pick up your light warrior sword.

Healing the planet is not a job for the faint of heart, but it might be the perfect job for you.

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