Full Moon In Pisces: Riding the Roller Coaster

Tonight, as we are still moving through Mercury Retrograde, there will be a full moon and an eclipse in the sign of Pisces.

This can be a very emotional time and can affect our relationships. When we speak of relationships, this means not only a romantic relationships, but friendships as well as relationship to our work and physical health. How do you feel about your work? What emotions come up when you think of your physical body?

The good news is: This moon, if you choose to accept it, can heal longstanding issues and open doorways to new insights, creativity and possibilities you hadn’t yet imagined.

The beautiful, polished gemstones you see in the stores do not grow that way naturally. They are placed in a machine, called a tumbler, which spins at a high speed with steel shot to break up any rough edges and make them clean, smooth and shiny. Right now, we are in the tumbler, being tossed around the same space until the unwanted pieces break off.

The term “emotional roller coaster” is often used to describe this

It is only when we face our darkest fears that we can release them and our true beauty can shine through.
It is only when we face our darkest fears that we can release them and our true beauty can shine through.
feeling. On a well-maintained, roller coaster, you are safe, but it won’t feel that way. You may be nauseous, terrified or excited. You may have a different reaction than your friend in the next seat, but in the end, the car rolls to a safe stop, the safety bar lifts and you both get up.

There are two ways to deal with a roller coaster. You can scream and curse in terror or you can yell, “Wheeeeeee!!!!!!” and enjoy the ride.

Your Angels want you to choose the latter, but will not stop you if you choose the path of fear. Like all fears, if you face them and don’t back down, they will disappear, and you will be free.

It is time to heal those old wounds that hold you back and drop the dead weight. It is time to fly with the Angels. Wheeeee!!!!!!!!

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