Full Moon on Black Friday: Six Steps to Turn Trial into Triumph

Just around noon today, the moon will become full in the sign of Gemini.

This comes during a Mercury Retrograde on Black Friday. What could possibly go wrong? *eye roll*

Although it is advisable to take all of the normal Mercury Retrograde precautions: Over-communicate verbally, check, re-check and re-check again all written and electronic communications, and if you can avoid business decisions and medical procedures at this time, that is best.

However, we are entering a new era. The era of the Light Warrior!

As Light workers, we were sometimes oversensitive and avoided conflict so as not to feel the negative energy. We protected our sensitivity from the outside world to avoid new pain that we would have to heal from.

As Light Warriors, we have grown up a bit. Our New Age of spirituality has entered adulthood.

We no longer have the luxury of avoidance. It is time to face the darkness, knowing that you are Divinely protected and that you are fully prepared for the lessons the darkness has to bring.

It is time that we turn this Retrograde fear around and see it for the adventure and learning experience that it is.

If you were going to college (as grownups often do), you would go in prepared to work hard and to learn. Your attitude would be positive. Whatever you were doing wrong due to ignorance, you now have an opportunity to correct.

Here is how the process works:

  1. When things go wrong, look within. A full moon is about reflection. When problems arise, ask yourself, “What is my part in this?” Should I be doing something differently? Do I need to release toxic people from my life? Am I allowing my emotions (full moon) to interfere with my clear thinking (Gemini/Mercury)? Am I deliberately being unclear in my communications so that I can reinforce my victim/martyrdom or swoop in and “fix” the situation and feed my hero/ego mentality? The only power you really have is how you react to these situations. Use it wisely.
  2. Shields up! When you know you will be around others whose energy might be draining or toxic, practice energy shielding. Warriors do not go into battle without protection. I recommend the Pyramid of Protection. Once you are familiar with the process, you can quickly “pyramid up” when heading into potential stressful situations.
  3. Go back to “school.” While we always want to believe that after years of spiritual work, that we have “graduated” and have nothing more to learn, this is not true. There is always something else to learn. If there wasn’t, our souls would have no need of this “human life” game. If a situation confuses you or makes you feel “under attack” ask about it. Your guides, angels and higher self, all want you to succeed at the game. They are not stern professors wanting you to suffer and do penance, they are your coaches and if you ask for their help, it will be given. It may not be given in the way you think, but the answer will always come. Keep your eyes and mind open and wait for it.
  4. Be proactive! Whatever you situation, you have the ability to make the very best of it. Be grateful. There is alway something you can be grateful for. In the movie, The Shadow Effect, by the late Debbie Ford, a woman, Dr. Edie Eger, imprisoned by Nazis in WW2, describes how she survived, day by day, making the best of each one and being grateful for another 24 hours of survival. She describes an experience where she was forced to dance for Dr. Melgele himself. She closed her eyes, connected with the music and took her spirit out of the terrible place it was in. She survived to tell her amazing story, using the mantra, “The spirit never dies.”
  5. Be positive. Go into each situation, not seeing a mountain of problems, but knowing that with each challenge comes a lesson and opportunity for growth and healing. Visualize the light at the end of the tunnel and use your spiritual tools and gifts to navigate the darkness.
  6. Ask for help. Help is usually available through our fellow humans and always available through our angels and guides. Don’t block your answers with an “I have to do it all myself!” energy. The only way to guarantee that you won’t get help, is if you don’t ask for it.

Spiritual book camp is over! It is time to put on our big girl/boy wings and do our part in the creation of a new experience on Earth. In our old way of thinking, there is not enough to go around, people must compete for love, power and territory, and some people just have it better than others.

While this full moon in Mercury Retrograde may look like a fearsome foe, it is actually a friend, bearing gifts, if we are open-minded enough to accept them.

Open your mind, your hands and your heart. We have important work to do, and it all starts within.

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