Gemini New Moon Paves the Way for Change

On June 3rd the powerful energies of the Sun and Moon unite as they both reside in the intelligent sign of Gemini. Each New Moon we are blessed with a new spiritual path presented by the conjuncting aspects of our most prominent astral bodies – the Sun and Moon. As the Waxing Moon grows in the night sky until it reaches its fullness, we can feel the power of its intention growing like a lit flame building strength.

Gemini is an air sign that is ruled by the planet Mercury. Air signs communicate emotions very freely and do this through intellect, thoughts, and ideas. Mercury is named after the ancient Roman God of Messages. Mercury ruling Gemini translates to quick and active thinking, accelerated verbal communications, travel, ability to adapt to change and technology, and appreciating variety in life.

As the Sun and Moon share the sign Gemini, allow the intentions of truth and new beginnings unfold in the creative genius of your mind. You may feel there are some racing thoughts passing through your psyche, as you multi-task and generate ideas of growth and expansion. It is not in pursuing the truth by only one way or another, but seeking it by means of a middle ground, providing several answers to the questions you seek.

Dive into the corners of your mind to find the ideas that have been tucked away for safe keeping, as now is the time to set them free. For some this may feel overwhelming, so try to keep perspective and consider the big picture. Nature has a unique way of allowing things to unfold, trust the process.

There will be a major shift in your energy that is propelling you to plant a seed and nurture its growth. Hold your intention with the strength of your mind, this is the Gemini way. It may seem difficult to perceive a path, but intention is the most critical component in manifestation. Each of us is on the cusp of change and how we navigate this within the constructs of our own minds will make all the difference.

This is an important week for meditation, journaling, and paying close attention to self-dialogue. Communicate your thoughts with others as they add to the magick of your creations. Allow yourself to be guided by your wisdom and experience, while keeping an open mind to the bright new beginnings that await you.

Written by Resident Astrologer and Angelic Reader Renee Masse

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