Getting "Unstuck"

To truly heal, we must take a look at the wounds which are causing the pain. Like spiritual physicians, we remove the old bandages and check on the healing process.

Are your wounds healing well, or infected? Is that infections spreading to other parts of your soul?

You revisit the pain, not to suffer, but to analyze it and learn from it.

When you catch your clothing on a tree branch, you must turn back to see where you are "caught." You do not have to stay in that spot, just unhook yourself from the tree so that you can move forward.

Do not fear the healing process. Remember, you are only visiting your past. You have not returned, nor will you stay. Your Angels stand beside you to protect you through this process. You will not be harmed, and you will finally be free of what holds you back.

Then you can truly spread your wings and fly!

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