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Happy Samhain/Halloween

Today is a day of mixed feelings and emotions.

For some it is a day of fear, when their darkest nightmares, come to haunt them.

For others it is a day of fun and celebration.

For those with whom the holiday originated, it is a day of giving thanks, remembering those who have passed on and preparing to start a fresh new year.

For pagans this is the day of the final harvest, when the last of the crops were brought in. It is also known as the day when the veil between worlds is thinnest and it is easier to communicate with deceased loved ones.

A similar theme is the "Day of the Dead," when the ancestors are remembered and celebrated.

When we realize that death is only our birth into a new existence, it is easier to relax and enjoy this day, and life in general.

So have a great evening, and if a black  cat crosses your path, give it some food and a saucer of cream.

Happy Samhain/Halloween.

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