Healing and Crystals

We live in a world of extremes and unrest, and yet peace, happiness and health are available to us at all times.

In addition to Western medicine, there are a variety of natural and spiritual healing methods available if we are open to trying them.

Our health occurs on three levels: the physical, the emotional and the spiritual.

Western medicine addresses only the physical. While this is necessary at times, it doesn't address other healing that needs to take place and often results in a recurrence of the original problem.

One way to address your other levels is crystal healing. A crystal or combination of crystals can help heal the emotions and spiritual connection.

A crystal that harmonizes with the effect you are trying to achieve can greatly assist in this process.

To learn more about crystal healing, join us today at 4:00  at the Angels Oasis, for Crystal Healing Techniques with Nicholas Pearson.


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