Healing is a Personal Process

In the wake of recent lunar events, many people are finding old wounds and unhealed relationships coming up and demanding immediate attention.

Just because a situation occurred years ago, doesn't mean the pain will never return. Just because it happened days ago, doesn't mean you will wake up devastated.

 People heal in different ways, depending on their upbringing and the examples set by family and other important people in their lives. They may heal differently if the wounds occurred in childhood or adulthood. Some have huge support groups around them and some feel more comfortable working through their emotions in private. 

So how can you help when those around you are hurting?

Put limits and timetables on the healing process. Allow everyone to heal in their own time. 

Tell someone you know just how they feel. You don't. You are a different person with different , you only know how you felt  in a similabr situation. Respect their pain by allowing them to experience it in their own way.


Offer to help and when possible take initiative by helping with mundane tasks when they are hurting (doing dishes, making food, babysitting etc.) 

Allow for sudden relapses and moments of happiness in the midst of sad times. The healing process is not linear, it is as unique as the individual and no one way of healing is right or wrong.

To support the healing process is to listen and allow. Be present without taking over.

Act from your heart and you can never go wrong. 

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